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Facilitating research in health, wellness and performance beverages through academic enterprise and student engagement.

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Integrity, Excellence, Inclusion

Associate Professor Ajmol Ali

PhD, MSc, BSc(hons)

Dr. Ajmol Ali
Performance and physiology of team sports, ergogenic aids, supplementation.
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Ph: 09 213 6414
Mb: 021 781333
E: A.Ali@massey.ac.nz

Associate Professor Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick

PhD, BSc(hons)

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Dietary supplementation, probiotics, immune function.
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Ph: 09 213 6637
E: K.J.Rutherfurd@massey.ac.nz

Associate Professor Marie Wong

PhD, MSc(hons)

Associate Professor Marie Wong
Fruit and vegetables, fats and oils, extraction Processes, dairy science.
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Ph: 09 213 66565
Mb: 021 469993
E: M.Wong@massey.ac.nz